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Thread: Help with a one-time programming of a AT90S4433-8PC ?
face BY : Jan-erik Söderholm (QAC) email (remove spam text)

I'v got the need of geeting a HEX file into a AT90S4433-8PC.
Anyone having a programmer for these chips that would like
to make a few $'ars ? If you happen to have one of these chips
laying around, I could also buy that one directly from you.

Someone in Sweden might be best, but it's not a prerequisite.

I don't want to build a programmer just for a one time programming...

Second thought, can anyone point me at some simple (DYI) programmer
for the AVR's ? (I have built and am using the Wisp628 for PIC's, so
something like that would be just fine.)

Jan-Erik Söderholm

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