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Thread: wonder what if u answer a Nigerian scam?
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Hi Ling!

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, SM Ling wrote:

> Someone gone through the trouble of talking to them, and here are their
> transactions:
> http://www.haxial.com/fraud/mikeaba.html
> Ling SM

These are not just scams. They are *POISONOUS* *DANGEROUS*. They often
eventially ask the victim to fly over with a little cash to 'facilitate'
transactions. At which time they kidnap you and wait for the family to
send more.

They predate internet, going back to telegraph days, as I was told by FTC.

From the page mentioned above: "What is with all these Nigerians trying to
commit this illegal fraud??" It's not just Nigeria. That happens to be
where most of them come from lately. It's global.

"Does Nigeria have a high percentage of criminals or what??:" No, they
happen to have a particularly lax lawn-forcement who'll go along with the
kindaps as long as they get a cut.

No, FBI doean't particularly care to deal with this. But
.....419.fcdspamspamusss.treas.gov appreciates copies of emails. Including all headers
obviously. The 419 relates to the Nigerian law against the fraud. That's
what it's called typically, 419 scam, not just Nigerian scam.

I'm a militant antispammer. I average about four to six of these a day. I
get a couple of emails a week back from ISPs saying 'thanks, that account
is closed.' It's the -email- account that's just as important to stop as
it is the scammer. No email address = no further contact possible.

I appreciated the comments in that web page about warsun, been getting
419s from them for years, didnt' know they were directly in Nigeria. OTOH
I *have* gotten email back directly from other Nigerian ISPs saying
'thanks for the heads-up.' They are not all truly evil. I have -never-
gotten any reply at all from warsun which bothers me a bit.

Have a :) day!


jim barchuk

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