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Thread: Lead-Acid accumulator pulser against sulfate-cristallization
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Hi Morgan!

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Morgan Olsson wrote:

> I have seen now and then small devices that the manufacturer claim can
> prolong the service life of lead acid accumulators.

I know nearly squat about batteries but I know how to groups.google. :)

The best threads I found about this are searching for
'sci.chem.electrochem.battery sulphate'. (Without the quotes.)

The best snippet I found was

>>Is there any valid sulphation busting technique, other than the
>>well-established, 100% method of sending the battery back to the
>>maker, so they can melt it down, and make new ones?
> Http://http://www.macbat.com
> seem to think there  is an alternative.

Yup, they stand to make money if they can convince you.  :)

And they strike me as at least over-hype, if not shady:

''The Macbat battery regenerator is a unique and revolutionary
innovation, ... ''

1)  Their implementation may be unique, but the ideas, overall
techniques, etc. sure don't seem to be.

2) revolutionary?  Right.

This is another one of those gray areas where people seem to get
sometimes good results, sometimes not.  Every controlled (ie
scientific) study I've seen has shown inconclusive or outright

So if you can find one cheap (eg easily build the one mentioned in
another post, borrow or buy and return, or ???) or if you're
spending someone else's money (gov't job, perhaps?) then try it out.
Just don't bet your life on it working.


And others saying similarly that it's a tossup, that the best cure is

Have a :) day!


jim barchuk

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