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Thread: Problems with A version of 16F877
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> At 08:58 PM 3/1/03 -0600, David Dunn wrote:
> >I've switched to the 16F877A from a 16F877 and having a problem with my
> >code.  Before I get into a long drawn-out discussion of the exact problem
> >.. are there some standard things I should to to make the "a" version act
> >like the original (non-a) ?
> <http://www.microchip.com/download/lit/migrat/39591a.pdf> is the migration
> document that covers the issues when migrating from the '877 to '877A
> No more than 30 seconds to find this on Microchip's site.

       A quick read: it looks like there are no code changes necessary for the new
part (except for programming). TTYL

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Subject (change) Problems with A version of 16F877

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