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Thread: f877 UART
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> >I don't want the TX pin to go into the hi-Z state when the transmitter
> >is disabled so I leave the tris bit for the TX cleared instead.
> >David...

Alan wrote:
>But having set the UART up to use it, why would you then disable it?
>If you have a requirement to disable it, surely that is the time to set the
>RC6 bit to an output, and then in the next instruction disable the UART.
>Otherwise while the UART is in normal operation you have two outputs trying
>to drive the same line, and hence fighting each other.

Transmitting DMX (at 250kps) requires you to insert a timed break/make
into the serial stream at the start of each new packet. Leaving the TX pin
set to output and then turning the transmitter off/on was the quickest way
to achieve this.

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