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Thread: ICL8038/MAX038 and PICs
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I've put some scratchings together


(osc-osc and osc-PIC connections not fully determined yet)

and have questions

MAX038 -

The square wave is +/- 1V about 0V and I'm not sure the
level-shifter used for the sine and triangle will treat it kindly.
Any thoughts on how to turn it to 0-5V at 20+MHz ? Adding
a logic stage seems the obvious answer

ICL8038 -

Square also symmetrical about 0V, but at least it's available
as a separate o/p. I think a single diode should crop the -ve

Alternate suggestion for Strobe circuitry welcome. The one
shown is based on Harris AN. Original has a +/-15V control
i/p for the FET and I've added an opto for 0-5V control. The
two signal diodes are an AND to allow the o/p to start on the
same slope


Auto-ranging would be a good feature, but there's a huge range
to cover. From 0.005Hz to over 22MHz. It's quite likely that both
CCP and timers will be needed. Possibly use the timers to gauge
the frequency and then CCP to measure it, or whatever combination
of the two gives the best resolution. It won't always be fast but it
could be fairly accurate

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