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Thread: wonder what if u answer a Nigerian scam?
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> >Haha, very good. I was "so" upset to hear that a couple of
> >scammers got shot and killed by a victim a couple of weeks
> ago
> It was a diplomat at a mission in the Czech republic and another
> staffer, not scammers.

Well, that's sad if innocent parties were killed. The story I read
in a UK paper was that two actual scammers got dealt to in
London. Knowing scammer's lack of conscience I doubt if
anything that happens to someone else would faze them a jot

Last year there was a doco series made by an undercover
reporter who met with London-based Nigerian conmen in
one episode. ISTR that the gentlemen in question were not
the sharpest knives in the drawer and were easily fooled

Here's another guy having a laugh by messing the scammer about


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Subject (change) wonder what if u answer a Nigerian scam?

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