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Thread: wonder what if u answer a Nigerian scam?
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> > Someone gone through the trouble of talking to them, and here are
> > their transactions
>Haha, very good. I was "so" upset to hear that a couple of scammers
>got shot and killed by a victim a couple of weeks ago

It was a diplomat at a mission in the Czech republic and another
staffer, not scammers. An old man got scammed out of his life savings
and he'd been trying to get it back for over a year.

The old fellow decided to take a couple people with him when he killed
himself. Extreme, but maybe they'll take a bit more notice. Or maybe they
will just increase security at their embassies and continue allowing
evil things to happen, following the lead of other countries.

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Subject (change) wonder what if u answer a Nigerian scam?

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