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Thread: Problem with code into F84
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I'm trying to program a F84A using a Matrix Media PICTutor and found the following is happening...

I assembled the code using MPASM and the LST file shows "program Memory words used is 176, program memory words free is 848"
My .HEX file size is 1,063 bytes (in "properties")

The PPP program seems to only download "0000 0000" and then halt - giving the impression that the entire prgram has been downloaded, but it isn't. (the time taken to download is WAY too short to downlaod a file of this size.)

Any thoughts?

Troubleshooting already done.
Tried same chip, same programmer etc with shorter code - works fine.
tried different chip, same everything except code - works fine.

it seems to be tied to the specific .HEX file.
I tried renaming the .HEX and trying again - still plays up.
I added a few extra instructions to the code to lengthen it, no change to programming fault.



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