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Thread: coding challenge: await
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My copy of PIC16F87xA manual (DS39582A, page 158)
indicates that C (and DC for that matter) are not
affected by the INCF instruction. Note that because
INCF only increments by one, Z can be tested as if it
were the carry bit, for the INCF.

Only ADD and SUB commands (ADDWF, SUBWF, ADDLW, SUBLW)
affect C/DC. Note also that these commands do not USE
the value of C/DC for the arithmetic calculation. This
requires using bit-test functions when adding
multiple-byte values, as in the numerous math routines
available on piclist.com. On the other hand, it does
not require clearing/setting the C/DC values prior to
these functions.

I would expect that other PICMicro processors are the
similar, but I would check the Instruction Set Summary
to be sure.

Happy pic'n!

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