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Thread: coding challenge: await
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I haven't read most if this thread so at the moment I have no
code to post, however I saw this bit from Scott Dattalo:
>Here's a solution that saves one instruction:
>    rlf    TMR1L,W       ; read the msb of tmr1L --> Carry
>     incf   TMR1H,W       ;Assume that the low byte is about to
>     movwf  TMR1H_buff
>     movf   TMR1L,W
>     movwf  TMR1L_buff
>     skpnc                ;If TMR1L on the first read was < 0x80
>      btfsc TMR1L_buff,7  ;or if the both reads are between
>       decf TMR1H_buff,F  ;0x80 and 0xff then leave the high byte alone

Wouldn't the "incf TMR1H,W " possibly trash the carry ? (if TMR1H is


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