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Thread: SALVO RTOS robot examples
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On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, Bill Couture wrote:

> Also, it assumes that you have the correct version of the target compiler
> available.  Hi-Tech wants you to remove all previous compiler versions
> when you install a later version, so the version being used by any person
> in the field may not be available to you.

They do "want" you to, but I suspect this is just to reduce their own
support headaches rather than any actual requirement of the compiler.
I have successfully had different versions installed at the same time
in different directories.  You just update the HTC_PIC18 environment
variable to point to the directory containing the version you want to
work with.

In any event, it's very unlikely that an issue you're having with
Salvo is related to the compiler version.

John W. Temples, III

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