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Thread: MPLAB opinions sought
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> > Why can't MPASM deal with "unix" type files (no CR just LF seperators)?
> Um, because it runs on Windows and there is therefore no need for it?

It may run on windows, but that doesn't mean the disk file is
kept on windows. My experience shows that Unix file systems are
more robust and reliable than windows, including NTFS (albeit I have
little experience with the new W2K and XP versions of NTFS) I keep the
source for my projects on my Unix machine. And use unix tools and utilities
to process them. When I start a new project, it is a pain to temporarily send
it over to the windows machine to Edit (add a comment line) and then
back to the Unix box so MPASM won't error. I really wish Microchip would
make this modification. It is the only program I know of that exhibits
this behavior

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