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Thread: Looking for C utility code
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Go to http://www.geocities.com/uav_fun/
and click "bits of code" on the menu on the left.

If there are any big chunks missing I probably forgot to convert
a "<" to &lt; and it thinks a bit of code is an HTML tag. I think
I caught all of those though; it looks OK.

The 4017 servo driver is kind of a mess (so few comments I'm not
sure what half of it does anymore; I know, I know!) so I didn't put
that one up. The regular servo driver is OK.

The AVR's timers make it easy to work with servos. You can probably
convert the code to other processors fairly easily; just look through
the datasheet to see which registers are different. The servo stuff
does need a 16-bit timer but can be made to work with an 8-bit one;
they just won't move quite as smoothly.

John Pearson wrote:
> Stanton,
> I would be delighted if you could post it.
> Don't forget to let me know the address of your web site too.
> Thank you.
> John
> {Original Message removed}
<3E625C0F.6CA5BA83@earthlink.net> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/language/index.htm?key=c
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