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Thread: Poptronics no more :-(
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At 11:22 AM 3/2/03 -0600, Dale Botkin wrote:
>On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, William Chops Westfield wrote:
>I never did, but their projects very often contributed to mine.
>Fantastic learning tool.  Ciarcia's were always awesome, I still have my
>two Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar books.

Do you also subscribe to Circuit Cellar Ink magazine?  All back issues are
available on CDROM and you can currently subscribe to either / both a print
version or an electronic version (.PDF).  I allowed my print subscription
to lapse - the electronic version is so much less expensive and somewhat
more convenient for me - I keep several issues on my laptop and read as I
have the chance.

BTW - just received the last 2 issues of Nut & Volts.  I'm glad to see that
they have finally gone to a smaller paper format - these issues are no
longer tabloid size, but rather about the same size as the late
Poptronics.  A lot easier to pack around.  Now if only they (N&V) would
start offering an electronic version.


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