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Thread: Problems with A version of 16F877
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At 09:43 PM 3/1/03 -0600, David Dunn wrote:

>it only took you 30 seconds to find this because you knew it existed

Sorry - didn't mean to come off sounding flippant.  But it might be worth a
few minutes for you to peruse Microchip's website - look under the heading
"Engineer's Toolbox" (2nd heading at the top).  There are many goodies on
that website - not all are easy to find but the stuff in that section will
save you time.

In this case, I thought that I remembered something from a previous
visit.  Note: didn't know for sure and didn't know where it was.  Went to
the website, clicked on that heading (Engineer's Toolbox) and there it was
- right near the bottom of the list.


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