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Thread: rs232 on the 16f877
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> I want to use a max232 for ICSP and to communicate
> with the computer using a terminal program.  Please
> correct me if I am wrong and if it IS possible to use
> the same ports for ICSP and communicating with the
> computer.

My WISP and Wisp628 programmers have done this for years. From the DOS
(or Linux) command line you give a command like

  xwisp go myprogram tty 2400

This programs the target chip with myprogram.hex, runs it, and puts you
in a simple TTY mode (terminal emulator) in which you communicate with
the target chip using RB6 and RB7 (the programming pins). Variantions
allow for inverted polarity, using other pins, other baudrates, etc.

Wouter van Ooijen

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