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Thread: Poptronics no more :-(
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> How many of you "old BYTE" lovers actually built some project from the
> magazine?  Or even typed in some program listing or implemented some
> algorithm?

I don't think I ever build something from any magazine without modifying
it. It is the example function that was most important to me, and for
that the 'old byte' was excellent. But in those days there were many
more interesting magazines, the Dutch computers club (HCC) for instance
was very good. Now CC (circuits) and DD (algorithms) are about all that
remain. Ok, EPE and N&V for low-level projects.

I am subscribed to Elektuur (the Dutch 'root' magazine of Elektor etc),
but mainly to be able to laugh about how they use PICs. I think the
12-2002 number had a motor alarm with a 16f84, SMD to for small size.
The project could easily be done in a 16F628 (omitting the crystal) or
even a 12F628. The code theys upplied contained no fuses settings and
did not fit the circuit (I contacted the author and he stated that
elektuur had combined an older source with a new circuit). I set up a
website with teh correct software, and a version for 16f628, and
informed the magazine. I never heard from them and my message did not
appear in the 'corrections' pages.

This month they have an controller for model boats or something like
that. The text state that a 16C712 is used instead of the more current
16C84 (!) because it has a PWM output, but the circuit diagram shows a
16F84. I guess they never heard of the 16f628, or of SW PWM. From the
circuit (3 I/O pins used!) this looks like a perfect application for a

I once connected them about writing an article, but they required
circuit and PCB work to be done in a specific program, which happens to
advertise in the magazine. No way boys.

Wouter van Ooijen

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