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Thread: SALVO RTOS robot examples
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As an interesting note:
 I did *NOT* receive this message via PICLIST.  I saw it on Google's
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The people involved between my company and Salvo were:
  1) The consultant who decided that he was going to use Salvo.
     However, as a consultant, he couldn't spend company money on
     it.  This brought in...
  2) Another EE, who had used Salvo Lite in his personal projects,
     and spent the company money on it for the consultant.
  3) Myself, who looked at the manual and Salvo Lite, wrote the
     communications, buttons, LED's and such, and gave them to
     the consultant to be added to his code.

You would have been contacted by the consultant for tech support, and
by myself after he left.  If you had been contacted by anyone else, it
would have been the other EE, whos name was on the purchase.

> 2) There was little or no response or follow-up to many of the
>    suggestions we provided as guidance and/or possible technical
>    solutions to your problems.
> 3) We never received any projects and/or source code that we could use
>    for inspection, sample compilation etc.

I tried what you said, and when I sent you source material, the response
I got back gave me an "off-the-wall" comment that was obviously false,
some words that "things were being done correctly", and that since our
support had expired, that this would be the last tech support I received.
This came up just short of sounding like blackmail.

This left me with a couple of options:
  1) Tell managment that we need to spend money NOW, then continue
     emails and hope that the problem could be found quickly.
  2) Tear our Salvo.

Option 2 was quicker and cheaper.  Smaller, faster, more efficient code
was just a bonus.

> 4) You were migrating from Salvo v2 to Salvo v3.

False.  While the original purchase may have been Salvo 2, we updated to
Salvo 3 while the project was still in development, and ALL compiles, etc,
were done under Salvo 3.

> So, as a matter of course, PLEASE, when requesting tech suppprt,
> provide as much information as possible (complete, zip'd projects are
> best) so that we can get to the root of your problems quickly. We have
> a whole collection of customer projects here that we used to identify
> and solve problems. Most of them are issues with Salvo configuration,
> or interrupts on targets that have non-reentrant compilers like PICC
> and PICC-18.

Sending complete projects assumes that source code can be made available
outside the company.  This is often IMPOSSIBLE.

Also, it assumes that you have the correct version of the target compiler
available.  Hi-Tech wants you to remove all previous compiler versions
when you install a later version, so the version being used by any person
in the field may not be available to you.


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