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Thread: SALVO RTOS robot examples
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On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, John Temples wrote:

> > No, Salvo wasn't being called from the ISR, and no local variables were
> > in use (for those who don't know, since PICC "sees" each Salvo task in
> > a different call-graph, it re-uses the local variable space, unless you
> > use the (sorry, I forget which) compiler flag that tells it not to do
> > that (which makes it use more RAM).  Thus, Salvo tasks (or their
> > subroutines) can trash the local variables in another Salvo task).
> Any calls to Salvo context-switching routines in non-task functions?
> That will randomly corrupt the call stack...

Nope, the only Salvo calls were in the task itself, not a subroutine.

And, it didn't seem that the call stack was the problem (i.e., the tasks
seemed to be working).  I kept seeing things like putting a 0x12 into a
queue in one task, and getting a 0x00 out of the queue in another task.


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