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Thread: Some Basic Questions
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Ian and Biswanath,

Ian's explanation is not *quite* correct.

INCF W,W will NOT increment the value *pointed to* by
W. Rather, this is equivalent to
INCF 0, W because 'W' in the assembly code is
translated to the number 0. Regardless of the value in
W (i.e. it does *not* matter that you cleared W prior
to this instruction), this instruction will retrieve
the value in register 0, and place the incremented
value into W.

The effect in your example, Biswanath, is the same as
Ian has indicated.
You are incrementing the value found in location 0 and
placing the result into W.

And Ian's comment "Get used to not performing these
operations on W." I couldn't agree more.

Good luck on your PIC-N-PATH!

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