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Thread: Some Basic Questions
picon face BY : Biswanath Dutta email (remove spam text)

I'm  essentially a beginner using PIC16F877 and trying to develop some code.
I have discovered the following and would someone please clear the
confusion --

1) incf, rlf, rrf type instructions do not seem to work properly on W. Is it
so ? Why ? Microchip Datasheet doesn't mention anything regarding this.

2) Why doesn't MPASM give error messages when the above instructions are
used on W

2) I entered the following code assembled and ran MPSIM
           incf  W,W
           incf   W,W
           incf   W,W

   While single stepping through , W is incremented on the first incf and
not on the subsequent two incf . WHY

Thanks in advance -- Biswanath Dutta

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