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Thread: MPLAB opinions sought
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> a) I like the context colouring, except MPLAB gets it screwed up from
> time to time, particularly with literals.  Example 'movlw 0Ah' shows
> the '0Ah' in red as it should, but 'movlw 0Dh' shows the '0D' in black,
> and the 'h' in purple.  Seems to compile properly, but seeing things
> like this makes me paranoid that the assembler too might get it mixed
> up.  Duh!  Is this Microchip's way of saying "be more consistent with
> your literal definitions" ?

Keep in mind that the syntax you are using is not officially supported.
The only officially correct ways of specifying an integer constant in
hexadecimal are H'<digits>' and 0x<digits>.  Some older syntaxes have been
allowed in the past, but these have not been in the documentation for
quite a while.  Actually it's too bad they didn't take the opportunity to
finally get rid of all the historical baggage.  It decreases the chances
of it finding genuine errors.  I suggest you fix all your code to use the
correct syntax.

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