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Thread: who is this guy??
face BY : Roman Black email (remove spam text)

Hi, sorry to post this to the list, but I just got
an email from this "Starfire" guy who i've never heard
of apart from Russell mentioned a few days ago he
charges to hack PIC protection??

Does anyone know this guy or anything about it?

Dear Mr.RomanBlack

Would you please give me some informtaion about how to implement music
synthesise with the 1-bit PICsound technique? I plan to embed
music play function in my MCU in which there is no D/A or PWM and only a
few(less than 6) IO pins available. I was told by Mr.Scott that you
have made great progress in this field and your are most probably the
only helper for me in this world.

Waiting forward to your early reply.

Best Regards!

Starfire Zhu

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