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Thread: Headphone out to RCA line-in converter
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Then it's possibly a matter of signal-level...  A correct line-out is
supposed to have a signal level of 0.5 volts.  A headphone jack will have an
amplifier that gives a level of probably 2-3 volts to drive the headphones.

You probably need the volume on the stereo a lot lower when using the
headphone-output instead of the line-out, so you may try simply dampening
the signal in a voltage-divider to correct this.
I assume your system wants about 16 Ohm load, so use a 16-32 Ohm stereo
pot-meter and couple it between the signals and ground.  Now take the
variable outputs from the potmeter and wire to your stereo.  To avoid
DC-coupling between them you could also add a very large capacitor in series
with the signal.

Good luck.


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> (thanks for the speedy reply)
> My portable CD player has the same issue when I use its headphone jack
> -- but it happens to also have a line-out jack that works perfectly
> (meaning that there is no hiss when I use the line-out jack).  This
> leads me to believe that there may be a [simple] solution out there...?
> Chris
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