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Thread: MPLAB opinions sought
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Ian McLean wrote:
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The best way that I've found to "fix" these problems is to use
UltraEdit32.  It's the best editior that I've ever seen or used.  Of
course the clicking on the error and going to the line problem will
still remain.  :-(

> d) It does not pick up the processor option from code.  First compile
> of my f877 code generated a zillion errors and froze the IDE (!)
> because the compiler was set for an 18C series chip.  I was hoping
> that Microchip may have done something to pick the processor from the
> include line in code.  I suppose this is asking a bit too much -
> except that even a zillion errors shouldn't freeze the IDE :(

Yes that is lame isn't it?

> e) Cannot see much other difference seeing as I only use it for
> coding/assembly except support for some newer PIC's.

Another thing that I don't like about the new MPLAB is the way that it
shrinks the "Output" window every time that I initiate a build.  I then
have to maximize it again after the build is finished to examine the
output messages.  I find this to be very annoying, since I don't use
their editor and only need to see the error messages.  Not to mention
the amount of time it takes to start up.

I also like to edit my code on a black background using a certain syntax
colorization scheme, and that just doesn't seem possible with MPLAB.
Long live UltraEdit32, it's truly the best text editor there is.

All in all, I am very dissappointed in this tool.  We waited a long time
for a "windows" version, and this is all they could muster up?  IMO,
they should probably just give up and distribute code-warrior.  Given
the number of years it took to get this together, one can only wonder
how much longer it will be before they get it right, if ever.

Why can't MPASM deal with "unix" type files (no CR just LF seperators)?
They look fine in MPLAB's editor window, but MPASM has a caniption fit
about it and generates obtuse error messages.  :-(

michael brown

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