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Thread: Poptronics no more :-( -- 35mm film resolution
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>  >Somehow digital cameras don't evoke the same emotions as film

> Now this is very interesting. We have gone the full circle as to why
> Poptronics is no more. The failure of many/most people over 30/40/50 (pick
> a number) to move with the times and to want to 'Stop the World I want to
> get Off'.

I don't disagree, but ...

I just want something that is REALLY as good as film when they tell me it's
as good as film :-). I find my digital camera ultra convenient and I'm
looking forward to a 5 MP model and I will be happy enough with the
resolution BUT I don't think we have quite caught up with the good old days

My pet peeve about modern gadgets (and programs) is the common insistence of
inserting non-optional "intelligence: between me and the reality I am trying
to interact with. I'm happy for the latest and greatest to have as many
optimising gadgets as they can fit in as long as I can decide when I want to
use them.

Auto focus? Marvellous, but I demand manual override. How does it know
exactly what I am trying to achieve in special cases? Why should I have to
tell it when I can "just do it" manually and maybe track something so
ephemeral that it would be nearly impossible to establish my aim

Auto-format paragraphs, number lists, add bullet points etc - fine if you
must - but they MUST be optional so I am not held captive by a machine that
wishes to dictate M.Gates interpretation of my style to me. I largely run
with spelling checker on and most everything else off. (It shows :-)).

Oscilloscopes are a fair example of how the instrument should adapt to the
nature of the user rather than compelling the user to adapt to the nature of
the beast. The first (and still many) digital 'scopes had buttons, cursors,
keypads and more and, maybe, one shared analogue knob. Look at a good modern
scope from a maker who understands human engineering requirements. Analogue
rotary controls feature large. This is not an inherent feature of the old
analogue/new digital technology but an acknowledgement of the nature of the
human machine. Too many gee whiz new products attempt to foist programming,
manufacturing & design conveniences on their users, disguising them as user
benefits and new technology. Technological progress is marvellous  but it
should be Frankenstein's servant, not his monster.

           Russell McMahon

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Subject (change) Poptronics no more :-( -- 35mm film resolution

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