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Thread: Poptronics no more :-( -- 35mm film resolution
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>Somehow digital cameras don't evoke the same emotions as film cameras.....

Now this is very interesting. We have gone the full circle as to why
Poptronics is no more. The failure of many/most people over 30/40/50 (pick
a number) to move with the times and to want to 'Stop the World I want to
get Off'.

Poptronics and Electronics Australia failed because their Editors refused
to move with the times and with their readers interests - specifically
microcontrollers and the Internet. It is that simple. The Editors (both
over 60 years old) did not understand these new fangled things and hoped
they would go away. Well they were swept away instead.

Here we have the same attitude about wanting to stay with the things 'I
learnt as a boy' and stop progress.

I suppose this attitude is hard-wired into our brains by evolution to
preserve the stability of the family after the age of 30 or so. I thank my
lucky stars that I am not so afflicted. The sheer explosion in knowledge
now in every field possible is fascinating to me since I was educated in
physics, chemistry, mathematics and mammalian physiology. Where it is going
to end up and how anyone the age of 15 today can hope to appreciate what is
out there are the real questions. Certainly my teenage children have no
understanding of how little they know.

In the 1960's when I was at University I think we were able to touch on
most of the leading-edge topics in the Physics III, Chemistry III, etc.
lectures we attended. Today I do not think this is possible. I know I got
my 1st Class Honors degree in 1967 simply because I wrote a computer
program in the new Algol 503 language to calculate Nernst Equation values
while my supervisors and most other members of the Physics department did
not know how to program the just-introduced mainframe. (Seriously!) Nor did
they want to learn.

Today the only constant is change; get used to it.


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Subject (change) Poptronics no more :-( -- 35mm film resolution

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