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Thread: interfacing PIC16F877 with AD7713(adc)
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On Thursday 27 February 2003 03:04 pm, Sivaram Cheekiralla wrote:
> In the manual for the adc, they have given examples (2) of
> interfacing with microcontrollers. One of them is 8XC51 and the
> otherone is 68HC11. The 8XC51 uses the Mode 0 for
> receiving/transmitting data to the adc, while the 68HC11 uses SPI.
> I am assuming that SPI is a "data excahnge" protocol and the
> process of communication would terminate if I disable the SDO. Can
> someone clarify the issue ?

I've used similar A/D converters, and found that it was easy enough
just to "bit bang" them. Dedicate 1 I/O line to the data line, 1 to
the clock, plus however many additional ones you need.

When writing to the chip, make your I/O line an output; when reading
from it, make the I/O line an input.

You may want to use a pull-up resistor.
Ned Konz

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Subject (change) interfacing PIC16F877 with AD7713(adc)

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