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Thread: meaning of /sp suffix?
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On Tuesday 25 February 2003 05:46 pm, Phil wrote:
> Hello All,
> Although I have yet to try my hand at any PIC programming I have
> found a project that I want to build. It specifies a 16F876-20/P
> PIC. I have found a supplier who stocks PICs with a /SP and /SO
> suffixes but not /P. Is the suffix important? I don't want to find
> a surface mount device in my letter box.

The /P is a DIP, and the /SP is a skinny (0.3" wide) DIP. I don't
think they make the 16F876/P. They do make a 16F877/P, which is a
40-pin DIP.

Ned Konz

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Subject (change) meaning of /sp suffix?

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