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Thread: Keeping microscope clean while soldering?
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On Wednesday 26 February 2003 03:50 pm, Randy Jones wrote:

> Ned...  Ain't eBay wonderful?  I might consider buying a microscope
> if the price was right... what search words did you find useful on
> eBay to locate the appropriate microscopes?  Would you mind
> mentioning the price range that they are going for?

I bought the scope (with a rather odd stand that I had to re-work to
make the scope low enough) for $167.50:


I replaced the blue metal part with some wood, and kept the heavy

The overall range is from about $200 to about $500, depending on
newness, and whether it has a nice boom.

You could try searching for:

stereo microscope zoom

and if you need a boom mounted one

stereo microscope zoom boom

(search in titles and descriptions).

Ned Konz

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