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Thread: Keeping microscope clean while soldering?
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On Wednesday 26 February 2003 07:02 am, Lawrence Lile wrote:
> I think the filter fan is a neccesity.  I already have asthma, and
> solder smoke only makes that worse.  Working up close to a board
> puts that nasty stuff right in your face.  Digikey sells items like
> this for about a hundred clams.  I made one from a muffin fan with
> a filter grille, and mounted it on an arm from an old architects
> lamp.  More fun to make things than to buy them, no?  A simple
> filter seems to eliminate the smoke quite easily.
> I considered getting a fume extraction soldering iron, or even one
> of those HEPA fume extraction units that have a hose you can
> position over your bench.

I'm not going to bother with a filter. My bench is right next to a
window. I'm going to build a system that uses:

* a board to go in the partially-opened window, edged with
weatherstripping, with a hole in it for
* a dryer vent to keep the cold air out when I'm not using it, which
is coupled to
* a length of flex dryer hose, connected to
* a round electric plaster ring, used to mount
* a 110V muffin fan, with another
* round electric plaster ring on the other side, connected to
* another length of flex dryer vent.

Then I'll put the fan assembly inside a box filled with foam for noise
Ned Konz

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