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Thread: MPLAB version control?
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On Tuesday 25 February 2003 07:43 pm, Harold Hallikainen wrote:
> Wow! Thanks for the analysis. Can anyone think of a good reason
> MPLAB doesn't store paths as relative, or let you decide how to do
> it?

Some guesses, having been a programmer for a commercial software

* Lazy programmers. This is usually the case when you see a binary
file that looks like a memory dump. Such files are rarely portable
from one version to the next of a product without extra work. Effort
saved now will be extra effort later -- for someone else, you hope.

* No requirement for relative paths. "Hmm.. you mean you want to move

* No interest in making an open config format, perhaps because you
could do something interesting with it (like make it easy to use
their competitors' compilers (CCS, for instance)).

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Ned Konz

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