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On Tuesday 25 February 2003 10:33 am, Jai Dhar wrote:
> > > 2. Short-circuit protection - is there a relatively simple
> > > method I can use for protecting my power supply from being
> > > short circuited?? I have reversed GND and Vcc in the past
> > > before, so I thought this might be a good idea to implement.
> >
> > You should have a replaceable fuse in your power supply.
> Where does this fuse go? As it is, I have a fuse in series from the
> hot-line that comes from the mains in the wall. One end is attached
> to the hot-line in mains, the other to the primary in the xformer.
> Is this the correct location?

That's a good place to have one to keep the transformer from burning
up when the diodes short out.

However, you should also have one on the output of the power supply.

Ned Konz

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