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Thread: Project Construction
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On Tuesday 25 February 2003 10:12 am, Jai Dhar wrote:

> 1. What is the best way to cut metal for creating jacks such as
> mains receptacle jack (the exact same 3-pronged jack you can find
> on your computer power supply). It's a funny shape - so what tools
> would I need to cut this? A friend of mine suggested a dremel, but
> I'm not sure how accurate this would be. I also need holes cut for
> a 16x2 LCD, and other misc stuff.

A "nibbler". Even Radio Shack has these.

> 2. Short-circuit protection - is there a relatively simple method I
> can use for protecting my power supply from being short circuited??
> I have reversed GND and Vcc in the past before, so I thought this
> might be a good idea to implement.

You should have a replaceable fuse in your power supply.

You can put a power diode across your VCC supply input on your boards
(cathode to VCC, anode to ground) so that a reversal will put all the
current through the diode instead of your microcontroller (and should
blow the fuse you added).

> 3. One of my regulators is a linear type (the +12v), and boy does
> it tend to heat up fast! First of all, how can I minimize this
> heat.

Feed it with a lower voltage.

Or just use a switching power supply instead.

Ned Konz

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