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Thread: MPLAB version control?
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On Tuesday 25 February 2003 08:46 am, Harold Hallikainen wrote:
> then modify the prj file to point to the new directory (it'd be
> nice if source file path references were relative instead of
> absolute, then no changes would be required). With MPLAB 6, it
> doesn't look like the project files themselves can be modified like
> this.

Actually, I suspect they can be changed, with care. They seem to be
memory dumps, and the file names are in fixed-size buffers (of
course, they're in UTF-16, since Windows/NT uses Unicode for

You could just write over them, doing a "search and replace" for the
old values and writing the new ones. Here's a "strings" dump (looking
for wide characters, of course) with offsets into one of my project

$ strings -t d -e l sample.mcw
  1024 Root Entry
  1152 ComponentManager
  1280 ConfigMemory
  1408 LoadedDisplays
  2052 PIC18F452
  2092 C:\Program Files\MPLAB IDE\MCHIP_Tools\EXAMPLE\TUT452.COD
  2884 C:\Program Files\MPLAB IDE\MCHIP_Tools\EXAMPLE\TUT452.ASM
  3072 OpenFiles
  3200 Debugger
  3328 DebugTool1
  3456 Debugger
  3992 C:\Program Files\MPL
  4096 TempICD
  4224 ProjectMgr
  4352 ProjectMgr
  4480 ProjectDisplay
  5128 C:\Program Files\MPLAB IDE\MCHIP_Tools\EXAMPLE\sample.mcp
 22016 ProjectDisplay
 22144 Configuration Bits
 22272 File Registers
 22400 Watch
 22528 Program Memory
 22656 Watch General
 22784 Watch 1
 22912 Program Memory General
 24064 C:\Program Files\MPLAB IDE\MCHIP_Tools\EXAMPLE\TUT452.ASM

The strings are terminated by \x00\x00, which makes sense.

So my guess is that you could overwrite the strings at 2092, 2884,
5128, and 24064 with new ones and move the project.

Perhaps I'll make a little program to do this. Anyone interested? Is
Ruby OK? Perl?

Ned Konz

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