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Thread: How to measure 0 to 0.24 VDC with a PIC16F877A ?
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On Monday 24 February 2003 11:09 pm, Augusto Yipmantin - OA4CVT wrote:

> May you guide me on how to measure a source from 0 to 0.24 VDC with
> a PIC16F877A ?
> The 0 to 0.24 VDC is a source from a VU meter (0.24 VDC means full
> scale) What I need is to measure the voltage then when it is over
> 0.17 VDC need to set on a pin to drive a relay.

If you don't need too much resolution, you could just connect it to an
A/D input and read it with the A/D converter.

If you use a 5V reference (i.e. not adding any extra components), at
0.24V input you'll have 1024*0.24/5V full scale, or a reading of
about 49.

You can read this periodically, perhaps adding some averaging (how
well smoothed is this voltage?).

Ned Konz

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