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Thread: c test code
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On Monday 24 February 2003 03:00 pm, Andre Abelian wrote:
> Hi to all engineers,
> I wrote simple led test code for microchip demo board2
> it works but when I move main () function to top it generates
> an error why?
> Any help will appreciate. Hitech support said I didn't
> Define port_init () function but I do not get it.

You should declare or define all functions that you're calling, before
you call them.

If you move main() to the beginning of the program (which is what I
believe you're trying to do), the compiler hasn't yet seen
port_init(), which you're calling from main().

You could do this:

void port_init(void); /* declare it */

void main(void)
   /* stuff */

void port_init(void) /* define it */
/* stuff */

Ned Konz

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