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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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>Conversely, if you rely on RMW instructions and they don't work because of a
>hardware problem, regardless of WHY the problem occurred,  then your
>program's operation is wrested from your control and placed at the mercy of
>whatever it is that is happening that you don't expect. This might be (as I
>described in my FET drive example) a failed component, or an out of spec
>component or a hardware change made without enough thought of the effect on
>software or (importantly) by someone who doesn't know what the software is

But if the transistor has failed, it won't really matter what the port pin
the level currently is as the lamp/motor/whatever will still be stuck on/off as
anyway. I've tried to think of a situation where feedback from the shorted pin
could cause the code to behave badly but I really can't. Maybe if you rely on
the port pin output state to make decisions on then you could get bitten. I
usually have flags to indicate the system state so I avoid it that way.

>Murphy and reality say that YMWV.

Yes, reality has a nasty habit of getting in the way of all things proper! :-)

>Use of a shadow register gives you added certainty and costs little.
>Sometimes performance issues make it an unviable solution.
>In all other cases its use is prudent.

As long as you're aware of RMW issues, I don't see them as a big problem.

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