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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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Dear embedded system programmers,

>Date:         Fri, 21 Feb 2003 23:16:29 +1300
>From: Jinx <joecolquittRemoveMEspamRemoveMECLEAR.NET.NZ>
>Subject: Re: [SX]: Pin won't turn off properly
>It looks like read-modify-write was the problem

I'm glad it's working for Jinx now. Let's try to summarize what all of us
have learned, OK ?

>I'll just have
>to remember that the SX needs more IC between port instructions
>than the PIC

Jinx and Stephen Holland and many, many other people seem to think the
solution to read-modify-write problems is to add more and more NOPs or
other delay between "setb port" instructions.

While they may be lucky enough to get away with only 2 NOPs on some
projects, there are other situations where even 100 NOPs between "setb
port" instructions is not enough.

I think James Newton has (attempted to) explain the problem, and the
solution, at
Why, then, do so many people use setb and clrb on output ports ? When the
next batch of newbies starts using these chips, is there any way to get
this information to them, and make it easier to understand ? Preferably
*before* they all spend a week pulling their hair out ?

(In summary: use *only* the movwf instruction (or its equivalent on other
processors) to write to output pins. Don't use any other instruction to
modify the output pins -- not "setb", not "clrb", not "and", not "xor" ....
only "movwf" to write to output ports.)

>Thanks to all who pitched in

You're welcome. Of course, now you're obligated to help the next newbie.
Pass it forward.

>BTW, English is a funny language

Yes. :-)

David Cary

>Date:         Tue, 18 Feb 2003 17:02:30 -0800
>From: "James Newton, webhost" <spam_OUTjamesnewtonspamBeGonespamEraseMEPICLIST.COM>
>Subject: Re: [SX]: Pin won't turn off properly
>The data sheet says:
>3.1.1  Read-Modify-Write Considerations
>Caution must be exercised when performing
>read-modify-write instructions (SETB or CLRB oper-
>ations) on I/O port pin.
>Also note that reading an I/O port is actually reading the
>pins, not the output data latches. That is, if the pin output
>driver is enabled and driven high while the pin is held low
>externally, the port pin will read low.
>If you happen to "read-modify-write" one pin at the exact time that your
>other output pin gets hit with some crap, it will retain the crap and loose
>its previous setting.
>In short: clrb and setb are not for ports.
... [although]
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