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Thread: How to do token pasting in MPASM?
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> On Friday 21 February 2003 10:19 am, Sergio Masci wrote:
> > > As it is, I'm making a graphical state machine tool using Squeak
> > > that will spit out PIC code; I just need something right now.
> >
> > What like a fully functional graphical state machine tool like
> > ZMech that already spits out PIC code?
> Something like it. However, I'll have targetable back-ends and
> simulation, as well as real-time diagnostics of the target hardware.

Real time diagnostics of the target hardware? Sounds interesting. Does this
mean you have some kind of emulator attached, or are you comparing the
outputs of the hardware with those generated by your simulator? Do you have
any web pages to look at?

RAOFL - ZMech can also do many different targets. The "backend" sits on top
of a meta CASE tool and is totally configurable for any target you may wish.
There is even a version that generates C/C++ code that will run directly on
a PC. The XCASM assembler used by ZMech is a meta assembler capable of being
configured for any processor syntax you like. I currently have definitions
here that allow it to process assembler source from processors such as
TMS430, 68HC11, Z80, 6502, PIC and others.

ZMech also does state machine simulation. It traces events directly on the
state diagram. It can even import generated code and use this to drive the
GUI. The XCSIM simulator used by the PIC edition of ZMech can directly
connect the simulated target to GUI mimics (you could for example attach a
virtual switch to an input port pin via some virtual wire, or even connect
the pins of multiple PICs together using virtual wire - yep it does
multiprocessor simulation as well). XCSIM can even do source level debugging
of code compiled with the XCSB compiler.

Sergio Masci

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