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Thread: How to do token pasting in MPASM?
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[Sorry for those of you who get this twice; I wasn't sure whether the
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Say I want to make a MPASM macro that will be invoked as:

       MyMacro abc,xyz

and will generate the following code:

abcxyz    equ 123

That is, it pastes its two arguments together to make a label. Is this
possible in MPASM? How about:

abcxyz    equ "abcxyz"

Which also pastes the arguments together and makes a string out of

I know how to do it in C using the ## token pasting operator and the #
stringizing operators (and the fact that two adjacent strings are

But I only see the #v(<expr>) form that would allow tokens to be
pasted together (with an intervening number).

After reading the MPASM manual I can't figure out how to do these. I
hope this isn't an oversight.

Ned Konz

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