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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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> > I've yet to finds anything that has more effect than changing
> > the code although everything around and on the SX was checked
> I think you'll find that putting series resistors CLOSE to your output
> pins will effectively remove the capacitive loading of the line you're
> driving

Have a look at the last picture here


PIC b0, driven by SX ra3,  has a max capacitance of 50pF. ra1
isn't connected to anything except either the 20pF of the scope
probe or 8pF for the analyser probe

Just to see what would happen I added 470R between ra3 and b0
and gave ra1 a 10mA load to play with. I think I'll just accept the
limitations for now

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Subject (change) Pin won't turn off properly

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