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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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> > thing makes me feel like a complete muppet
> And other times you feel like only half a muppet? ;o)

Yeah, sometimes I can't eat a whole one

> I've only had the quickest look at your link above, but
> it does seem like a RMW fault

To all who replied (thanks for your time) -

Having foregone the pleasures of r-m-w problems on the PICs
this is a bit of a culture shock. I guess you could say the problem
could be phrased "My Scenix isn't quite a high-speed PIC is it ?".
I've had my suspicions that it's r-m-w and had a little time today
for some objectivity


(the analyser is sampling at 200MHz so there's the odd 5ns)

To me this clearly identifies what code works for driving the SX pins
and what to avoid. This does make things a little tricky for the current
application which is based on instruction cycles but I think I can work
around it

> Try tackling it from an electrical side, change of decoupling cap
> to a faster (lower ESR) type or

I've yet to finds anything that has more effect than changing the code
although everything around andon the SX was checked

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Subject (change) Pin won't turn off properly

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