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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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Dear Jinx,

How bizarre. Thanks for reducing this down to a simple test case.

So you're running at 20 ns / instruction, right ?
I think that rules out interrupt problems ...

Have you looked at the actual wave form with a (analog) o'scope, rather
than a logic analyzer ?

I suspect you are hitting the read-modify-write gotcha
. Adding a single NOP isn't reliable -- the more capacitance connected to
the pin, the more NOPs would be needed.
(PICs have this gotcha -- do SX chips also have this problem ?)

Because of that gotcha, I *only* use the movwf instruction to write to
output pins. Typically I allocate a mirror RAM byte corresponding to each
port, something like this:

        setb mirror_port, s_ack
        movfw mirror_port
        movwf real_port
        setb mirror_port, way
        movfw mirror_port
        movwf real_port
        clrb mirror_port, s_ack
        clrb mirror_port, way
        movfw mirror_port
        movwf real_port

I'm much happier with code that works vs. clever code that only takes 1/3
the number of instructions that doesn't work.

If this "read-modify-write gotcha" is the true explanation, I would expect
this to cause s_ack to prematurely turned off at the *same* time as the
software turned on the other pin ... odd.

Please tell us if you ever discover the real problem -- perhaps it will
help the next person to slam into this gotcha.

David Cary

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