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Thread: Programming logic solving
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On Tuesday 18 February 2003 04:06 am, Timothy Box wrote:
> Hi all
> Being a self taught programmer I often waste a lot of time
> converting "I WANT TO DO XXXX" into code. Do our learned gentlemen
> have any pointers to how they would tackle the task or perhaps a
> good site.
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Look at statecharts and finite state machines. These are easily coded,
and give a very clean way to express solutions to event-driven

I'm working on building a visual statechart compiler for PICs and
other small micros, as well as a set of assembler macros for doing
state machine coding on the PIC 18F series. I hope to make it into a

The book "Practical Statecharts in C/C++" by Miro Samek is quite good.
You can ignore its focus on C and C++ if you wish (though he provides
working frameworks for both languages).

His web site is at http://www.quantum-leaps.com and he has quite a bit
of good material there.

Ned Konz

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