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Thread: Pin won't turn off properly
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I just tried your code on a SX28 and I do see the problem.

I found 2 ways to fix it, which give just one solid pulse:
1. add one more nop after each setb or clrb to the port
2. use setb and clrb on a temporary porta output value (I called it
portabuf), and then write that value to the port after each setb or clrb
to the temporary value. Usinf this method may give slightly longer pulse
widths, so another possibility is to simply have predefined state values
(ie. alloff = 0x00, sack1 = 0x08, way1 = 0x02, sack1_way1 = 0x0A)which
can then be written to the port, saving the setb/clrb instruction cycle.

I hope this helps...

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