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Thread: EAGLE Question
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On Friday 14 February 2003 01:52 am, Sean Alcorn - PIC Stuff wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anybody tried to make a dual diode SOT-23 package in EAGLE?

There are already dual diode SOT-23 packages in Eagle.
Look in diode.lbr and zetex.lbr.

> The ideal way to do it would be to have two "Gates" that are diode
> symbols in order to be able to place the two diodes anywhere on a
> schematic - however this is four connections to be made to 3 pads
> and EAGLE does not seem to allow this.

You can add a 4th connection/pad.

> The only other way is to draw the entire "double diode" as one
> symbol with 3 pins - however this seems restrictive when trying to
> place the component on a sheet. :-(

I've never had any problem with it, especially as the diodes have a
common pin.

Ned Konz

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