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Thread: MOSFET as a digital switch
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On Thursday 13 February 2003 09:09 am, you wrote:
> All this talk of FET's is bringing back some fuzzy memories of it
> when in class.  Thats what happens when you just do digital design
> for years.
> These are bidirectional devices right? Such that it doesnt matter
> if the load is attached to the drain or source? Or does it matter?

Yes, because there is a "body diode" between D and S.

On a N-channel device, the body diode will conduct (even if the
transistor is OFF) when the S becomes more than a little positive
than the D.

P channel devices are reversed from that.

So when there's a real bidirectional current flow requirement, people
tend to use two FETs with their diodes back to back.

Ned Konz

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