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Thread: Non linear PWM of LEDs
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On Wednesday 12 February 2003 02:50 pm, you wrote:

> The program I posted was in Pascal and meant to run on a regular
> computer. It's only connection to MPASM is that its output is meant
> for MPASM as input.  I posted the source code to illustrate the
> algorithm, and didn't expect anyone to run it directly.  It's so
> simple that I figured if someone wanted it, they could re-code it
> in their favorite high level language.

And here's the same thing in Ruby (http://ruby-lang.org), a
cross-platform language that's great to use for this kind of thing:

max_in_k = 255
m_k = 1.022056
print(" retlw   0  ;  0\n")
ov = 1.0
(1 .. max_in_k).each do | iv |
 printf(" retlw %3d ;%3d\n", (ov+0.5).floor, iv)
 ov *= m_k

Ned Konz

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